Western Gas and Electric Company


Michael Stern received an Engineering degree from UCLA and has held operational and managerial positions in semiconductor and renewable energy component and system design, manufacture, installation, and operation. In 1985, following employment with International Rectifier Corp. and ARCO Solar Industries (now SunPower), Mike founded and served as President of Utility Power Group and Silicon Energy Corp and subsequent to its sale in 1998, served as Vice-President, Engineering at Kyocera Solar; Board Director of Schott Applied Power Corp. Since 1997, he has served as President of Western Gas and Electric Company, a closely held angel venture investor in technology and renewable energy companies.

In 2008, Mike co-founded Solar Electric Solutions, LLC (www.solarelectricsolutions.com) a developer, owner, financier, and operator of multi-megawatt grid-connected PV power systems in California and continues to serve as its COO. He has extensive managerial and technical experience with AC/DC power conversion and energy storage equipment design, manufacture, and integration; residential, commercial and industrial electrical equipment installation, permits, codes and standards; engineering, production, construction team building, managing, and motivating; and electric utility interconnection and power procurement regulations and contracts.